Gordon Simmons Recommended Resources

Here is a collection of trustworthy websites that provide sound online financial assistance and advice for consumers.

Wise Bread | Personal Finance and Frugal Living Forums – this is an excellent site for general advice for consumers and their families.  There is a lot here and can easily be cherry-picked based on what you’d like to share.

Home | The Military Wallet – This is specifically designed to help members of the military and their families.  A really nice and seemingly helpful site for this specific audience.

Bankrate: Guiding you through life’s financial journey – this site requires you to become a member, but its free from what I can see and there is a lot of detail and advice for families to help with personal finance.

My Money Five | MyMoney.gov – A US Government website for helping families.  I chose this page because it’s a good starting point for getting people to think about the main components of personal finances.

How To Balance A Checkbook In A Paperless World – Forbes Advisor – can’t go wrong with Forbes, right??

Credit counseling & debt management with a live person resources:




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