Gordon Simmons Visits America’s Credit Union Museum

Gordon Simmons Retired CEO of Service Credit Union

On May 15th 2023 Gordon Simmons visited the America’s Credit Union Museum. Gordon visited the museum and in the photo showcased below you will see Gordon, the Chairman of the ACUM Board Nathan Saller and also the Bellwether CU, NH CEO, as well as Stephanie Smith, Executuve Director of the ACUM.   Gordon Simmons made a […]

Waging the Payday Lender and Check Casher War

payday advance

Despite state and national statistics showing low unemployment and despite a job market that can be best described as “Help Wanted”, there are an ever-increasing number of people are classified as moderate to low income. Many families find themselves in need of short-term cash, but have few options. Too often, people are subjected to unscrupulous […]

Financial Education Begins at Home

financial literacy

One would think that financial education is a basic requirement for our citizens and military members. Think again. Families and schools actually have a responsibility to provide financial preparedness for their families and we cannot start at an early enough age. Poor money management, little to no budgeting or self-control are important financial aspects that […]


interest rates increasing

For the first time in four years, the Federal Reserve has announced it is raising interest rates on borrowing.  Fed Chair Jerome Power has recently sent consumers a bit of a warning that it will soon cost more to take out a loan or obtain a mortgage or line of credit. He says the FED […]

What’s the Difference Between Credit Unions and Banks?

bank vs credit union - gordon simmons

New Hampshire has a long and storied relationship between its citizens and credit unions. In fact, the very first credit union in the country was established in Manchester in 1908. The goal of that institution and any credit union is to serve its members in a not-for-profit capacity. It is the key and critical difference […]