Gordon Simmons, Retired CEO

Gordon Simmons Visits America’s Credit Union Museum

On May 15th 2023 Gordon Simmons visited the America’s Credit Union Museum. Gordon visited the museum and in the photo showcased below you will see Gordon, the Chairman of the ACUM Board Nathan Saller and also the Bellwether CU, NH CEO, as well as Stephanie Smith, Executuve Director of the ACUM.  

Gordon Simmons made a $1,000 contribution to the ACUM during his visit where he was the Board Chair for 10 years prior to his retirement. 

Here is the photo from Gordon’s Visit:

Gordon Simmons Retired CEO of Service Credit Union
Gordon Simmons visits the America’s Credit Union Museum

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gordon Simmons

gordon Simmons

Gordon Simmons has over four decades of experience in the financial industry. He served for 21-years as CEO of Service Credit Union. He specializes in international economic issues and finance. Gordon is now semi-retired, which means he’s now busier than he intended to be.